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Vaughn caters for children from 6 weeks to approximately 20 months based on the individual needs of the child and through discussions with families. This room has a focus on genuine and secure attachments and promote learning and development by forming secure attachments with each child.

Vaughn's yard is also home to our Centre Pets - The Guinea Pigs - Suzy and Gemima.











Hepburn caters for children aged approximately

20 months to 3 years.

Hepburn children participate in Zumba Dance lessons on a weekly basis and have access to a large outdoor area.

Hepburn Children engage in music and movement, physical activity, social play and cooking lessons amongst others.

Our Hepburn Children have secure attachments with Educators and at our large group transition at the beginning of the year, we also transition a familiar staff member from Vaughn to help with this change.






Redmond caters for children aged approximately 3 - 4 years (generally the year before they would attend formal DECD Kindergarten.)

Redmond children particpate in Zumba lessons and visits to the local Primary School.

In Redmond's yard live our centre chickens, which the children help care for.

This room has been recently renovated to create a light and airy room with lots of space to play and learn.






Whinham caters for children aged approximately

4 - 5 years - generally the year before they would start formal schooling.

Whinham children participate in participate in Shimmy Shakers Dance lessons and visits to the local Primary School.

The children also have Greek group times and engage in a variety of "floor work" across the week. Children set the pace for learning and the themes of play come from the children's interests and knowledge.

This room was built across 2015 and began operation in early 2016. It was designed to best suit the needs of our children and the philosophy of our service.












Vaughn has natural grass with a bright softfall bike path. There is also a fall zone mat where climbing activity can be set up as well as a large sand pit and water course. The Nursery also has a small slipperydip into the sandpit and a sensory garden.

The Guinea Pigs live in this yard and are well loved pets to all the children across the centre.












The Hepburn garden is bright and colourful with playground panels dotted around the yard. A large, shady trees covers over the smartgrass area and a bike track. We have a large sandpit with a water course and numerous garden beds where we grow different things across the year. The children have various swings and climbing structures and a friendly crocodile to sit on.








Redmond's outdoor environment was redeveloped in 2011 and has been made larger and levelled encompassing an oval of natural grass with subsurface irrigation and a sand pit. The playground overlooks two other gardens and has some natural wood screening for a diverse fencing option. There is also a soft fall play area and a friendly platypus to sit on.

The chickens have a large run for their comfort and are lovingly cared for by this age group of children.

2 Mulberry trees are being trained so that in years to come they will create a natural cubby house for the children.








Whinham has natural grassed areas, with a slope up to a large tree and and a slippery dip down. Three recycled Apple Bins are in use for vegetable gardens and there is enough space for several Educational Play based activities to be set up simultaneously.

This area is currently the focus of a redesign and upgrade as funding allows.